The website, identifies farmers in Tioga County and their products, lists local farmers’ markets and their locations, describes upcoming events, gives tips on ways to stay healthy, and offers much more information on the benefits of buying healthy food products locally.

Our mission is to increase support for the local farming community and to also make Tioga County more sustainable by increasing the amount of food produced and bought locally. Not only will our hard-working farmers benefit but also citizens will have the opportunity to more easily develop a healthier, eco-friendly life style.


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Dead End Farms
This diversified dairy farm was started in 2006 and began shipping milk to Organic Valley in 2008. Beyond milk the farm also produces grass-fed organically raised beef as well as free-range eggs for sale to the general public. Certified organic beef cows will be available in 2010 by the whole, 1/2 or 1/4 and non-certified cuts are also available upon request. We welcome our customers to visit our farm and experience the lifestyle that our animals enjoy.