Building a Healthy Tioga

 Dr. Alan Perestam and Christine Wilson of Perestam Chiropractic, and Paul and Laura Sage of Sage Solution sat down to discuss how Tioga County consumers can more conveniently know what healthy foods local farmers have to offer. The group conceived a website for presenting such information in an organized way.

The website, identifies farmers in Tioga County and their products, lists local farmers’ markets and their locations, describes upcoming events, gives tips on ways to stay healthy, and offers much more information on the benefits of buying healthy food products locally.

The group’s mission is to increase support for the local farming community and to also make Tioga County more sustainable by increasing the amount of food produced and bought locally. Not only will our hard-working farmers benefit but also citizens will have the opportunity to more easily develop a healthier, eco-friendly life style.


If you have any questions about please call 607-687-7190 or 607-687-0800 or send email to

Thank you for considering support for this initiative.

Twin Brook Farms
Twin Brook Farm 304 Lainhart Rd. Owego,NY 13827 607 687 4053 All grass beef, pastured pork and pastured chicken, Here at Twin Brook Farm we try our best to produce the healthiest and tastiest meat possible. We use no added growth hormones or antibiotics. We use a natural approach to produce our meat. From May until December they are on pasture and in the winter the get hay and balage. The first mineral on our fields is calcium. Then we use a food grade fertilizer with all the minerals a plants needs. The result is a mineral rich soil, which results in mineralized meat products. We sell $50, $100 packages and by the quarter half . Call or e-mail for more information. Marvin Moyer