The website, identifies farmers in Tioga County and their products, lists local farmers’ markets and their locations, describes upcoming events, gives tips on ways to stay healthy, and offers much more information on the benefits of buying healthy food products locally.

Our mission is to increase support for the local farming community and to also make Tioga County more sustainable by increasing the amount of food produced and bought locally. Not only will our hard-working farmers benefit but also citizens will have the opportunity to more easily develop a healthier, eco-friendly life style.


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Hamleys Maple Farm

Leonard makes maple syrup in the spring and is in the process now.  We have two days when people can come to see the operation and enjoy pancakes with fresh maple syrup along with eggs and sausage for a donation.  There will also be maple demonstrations.  The dates are March 27 and April 17.  The time is 10am-4pm.

Everyone is welcome.  The sugar house is located at 70 Frost Hollow Road off the Oak Hill Road out of Barton.  About five miles from Route 17C.